It is currently Cycle 2

Cycle 3 In...

Pokemon in this cycle:

Pokemon Bagon Stantler Snubbull Poochyena Shuckle Teddiursa Smeargle Zubat
Encounter Rate 0.5% 6.5% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 53%
Level 18-25 12-20 18-28 5-16 18-28 5-16 19-29 10-20 was made to provide information to users of the MMORPG PokeMMO about the current cycles in the game. There are 7 cycles that change every 6 real life hours (1 day in PokeMMO). Every cycle spawns different Pokemon that cannot be found in the Kanto region. These Pokemon can only be found in the "Altering Cave" at the time of their cycle. In order to get to the Altering Cave you must defeat the Elite Four and travel to Six Island in the Sevii Islands. Once there, travel as far north as you can go through the Water Path, Pattern Bush and you will end up at Outcast Island which is where the Altering Cave is.

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